Gapless tidal playback

Hi, I am streaming tidal (premium) on roon to nuc rock, output to Rotel Michi. I struggle to get gapless playback - have tried all I found in the forum, but nothing really worked. Any suggestions what to do? Thanks. Cheers. Clemens

Hi @Clemens_Brugger

I’m just a Roon user.

Not sure which version of the Michi you have, but from my quick check they’re only Roon Tested, so that means they either use AirPlay or Chromecast.

AirPlay is gapless with Roon and I’ve had hit n miss moments with Chromecast with Roon.

If you confirm which model and streaming method used we might be able to help.


Edit: I’ve taken a longer look but cannot see which streaming protocol is being used here. Even here :point_down: doesn’t state.

Could you share a screenshot of your audio settings tab within your Roon remote app where the Michi is enabled?


Edit to my edit: :man_facepalming: just noticed you posted in Oct 2022. Did you find a solution?