Gaps between compositions in classical music recordings

I have searched the software for an option to identify individual compositions in classical music streams to be able to enjoy a moment of silence after the performance of a composition has ended. Say there is a recording of 3 Haydn string trios, each with 3 movements. There should be a break after each trio composition has ended, String trio one, break, string trio 2 break, string trio 3. I find it irritating that the streaming software does not seem to identify this important detail. When streaming through ROON all titles are treated equally with the same gap length. Whenever I listen to vinyl, I know where an individual composition has ended by the insertion of 5-8 seconds of silence. This would mean a lot to me.

Great idea. I’ll second that request.

Hugely important! Classical is completely different and needs special treatment. Also, needs to be listed by composer, please!