Garbled text on Sonytablet

Well, I was looking for settings of my Pixel C, not within Roon …:grimacing: … on the wrong track. Thanks for your help, Rene and Bob.

Memory for artwork is up to 1024 MB. Characters keep disappearing, I’m sorry to report…

Mine started acting up again, also. Clearing cache seems to help for a short time.

@Danny, other things we can do?

This is clearly not mended by more artwork memory alone…

Will this ever be fixed? Is this is what I paid $500 for? I’m on a pixel c running Android 8.1.

I curious too. Apparently it’s not a priority, but if there’s no fix in the works I would be disappointed, to say the least.

Since build 339 I see less problems - could it be that the fixed UI memory leak was (part of) the cure?

… characters still disappear but less frequent, it seems.

And I guess lots of people who use Android as the primary root remote device would not have subscribed to the service as well…

This is hardly an excuse. Are the perennial problems with the android app disclosed at sign up? Not everything is apparent during the trial period.