Garth Baxter's new CD "Resistance" missing


Using Audirvana Plus I was able to find the above mentioned cd on Qobuz. However Roon does not list it. Any idea why?

Hi Randall, the metadata we receive from multiple sources cause us to treat this as a Various Artists album. In this case, you can find it if you search for:

Various Artists Resistance

and select “View All” album results. This is what I get in the UK (2nd row, 3rd from right):

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Thank you Joel. Found it. Are there any search tips I should be aware of? When I searched for Garth Baxter or just Resistance the album was not shown.

Hi @Randall_Jonasz. In general, Roon doesn’t consider a composer to be an album artist, unless that artist is a performer on the album in some sense (e.g. someone like Philip Glass (conductor) or Ludovico Einaudi (piano). I’m not sure whether Garth Baxter is a performer on this album or not - either the credits don’t exist, or they are not in a (currently) easily consumable form.

Amazingly, we don’t get an artist ID for Garth Baxter from either Qobuz or TIDAL… Adding “Various Artists” to search can help quite often in these situations.

Thanks Joel. This is helpful. Btw, I’m currently evaluating Roon and I’m enjoying the experience tremendously. Thanks for your hard work.

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