Gave Up on SonosNet…

I have been having a lot of problems with tracks ending a couple of seconds before it was supposed to end, or skipping at 95% of track played.

Tried 2 different computers, MacBook and laptop, and even trying to run Roon on a Mock, nothing seemed to remove the periodic errors.

Today i removed the Sonos Boost from my setup and switch to Wi-Fi, and suddenly everything seems to work, and I think that the general speed of Roon, from pushing play and things happening is improved.
No more skips and lost seconds of tracks.

I recommend anybody having periodic errors on Sonos gear,to try and take the Boost out of the loop, or just changing to Wi-Fi mode.

Jesper I did this a year or so ago and it worked really well until a certain update. Since then the Sonos zones disappear in Roon after 3-8 hours. It impacts a number of us, but in general Sonos over Pure WiFi seems to be better with no drop outs or skipped tracks etc

Though I have spent the afternoon with Roon playing on the Sonos in the garden through AirPlay and 3 speakers connected in the Sonos app. It has worked beautifully as the speaker’s were not visible in Roon otherwise.

Hopefully your changes keep working perfectly for you.

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Interesting. I use a Sonos Boost and I haven’t had any issues using Roon with the various combinations of multiple Sonos Amps, Ones and Fives throughout my house. But I will keep this in mind if I ever have issues.

It doesn’t affect everybody (not even a huge percentage of Sonos user’s) and my problems went away after a complete Sonos rebuild. One of the things I did was take the Boost out and move away from SonosNet (as it doesn’t work nicely with some mesh networks)

If it works, then don’t change anything and :pray: that it doesn’t break