GB News Radio Stream

Can you please add the GB News Radio stream. Thanks.

Hello @Terry_Fell1 , I’ve added GB News Radio for you. Please check if OK.

A hippy listening to GB News?

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HI. Have not been able to locate GBNews yet. Have looked in News, Talk/Talk which I assume it should be in.

Yea Man, I suppose at 69 I have grown out of my Hippy phase and now prefer to listen to the news rather than use a smelly Portaloo :rofl:.

GB News Radio no space between GB and News.

(Too many stations in the news category - max of 250 shown - A Roon restriction)

Been trying to find the URL to add manually but no joy! for some reason. No big deal really and will look into it occasionally, Thanks.

If you use the magnifying glass and type the station name, does it not appear?

Now sorted. Signed into my old Tune-In account and got the URL from there. Thanks for your help.

Pleased to hear that, and although it doesn’t matter now, I do wonder why you couldn’t find it via the magnifying glass.

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