General KEF Owners Forum?

Can anyone suggest a good place to discus issues that mainly pertain to Kef speakers and not specifically ROON?

I tried the Audiogon Community but that is like going back to with so much contention and chest beating. Audiophile Style is a good community but not so much for speakers.

There’s the KEF Owners Thread over at AVS Forum (it does tend to be more HT-oriented rather than a generalist thread), and there’s also the KEF Owners Group on Facebook, which a bunch of us at KEF also participate in.

Thanks Ben. I previously checked out the AVS forum but did not find much for the newer powered speakers. I own a pair of LSX’s and now have a pair of new LS50 Mk2’s which I have on a 60 day return trial to see if they can simplify my present complex and expensive main system.

I will probably pass on Facebook. It is a rabbit hole that I have so far avoided. I might try starting a KEF Owners thread on Audiophile Style (previously The Computer Audiophile) as there are folks there who tend to be more technically inclined and enjoy experimenting with technology. Perhaps I will sneak in more questions here and just be sure to put the word “Roon” in somewhere :slight_smile:

Roon is the main way that I listen to music and a great system.


I own a pair of LS50s Mk2. Previously I owned the original version. What particular issues are you wanting to discuss?

Currently I have a question that I posted here

…but I would like to find a good place to share KEF wireless experiences and questions in general.