Generating a playlist to rediscover my music


I want to take Roon’s promise to rediscover my music. The best thing would be to create an automatically generated playlist that decides which titles are played based on the play counter. The titles are to be played in a random sequence.

The easiest way to do this would be to include all titles with a play counter of zero in the list in the first run. In the second run, it would then be all titles with the play counter 2, etc…

How can I do this without a lot of manual effort?

Roon in their great wisdom have decided not to make the play counter selectable in focus.


Go to Tracks and use the Focus functionality. Select the focus for Played in the Last and select All time. After you have applied this focus, click on the focus tag being added to all tracks to invert it.

There you go, a list of all unplayed tracks. Save it with the bookmark function, and you will have a dynamic playlist with all tracks never played.

You can’t specifically filter for played once or twice as far as I know, but you can have that info displayed if you want, but would be completely redundant in this list as as soon as a track has been played, it won’t be visible in this playlist any longer…

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