Genre Focus - Check all

It would be nice to play all genres except a select few. If your collection has quite a few genres, as does mine, it takes quite some time to check all those boxes. It would be much easier if there was a way to check them all and then uncheck just a few.

Just select the ones you want to exclude and then in the focus result that shows only those genres click on each of these genres and it will change them to the opposite and show you everything but those few genres.

I think this should do what you want with a only a few more checks than your suggestion.

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Hi Ronald,

Something to try. Click on the genres you DON’T want and then click the + next to it to make it a -. This will exclude those genres.

I know it’s still a couple of clicks per genre, but it will work in the meantime, if you’re trying to exclude just a few.

If you use a Focus a lot, then you can make a bookmark for it.

Cheers, Greg

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To Greg and Philr - That should do it. Thank you both!