Genre Heirarchy

How do I set my file genre metadata to have Roon show a Genre Hierarchy? For instance, I would like African to be a child of World. Is this possible? I tried the Genre editor and could not get it to work the way I described. I am not using Roon’s genres BTW.


that is easy. (I also do not use the Roon Genre)
I have created my own system. For Example:


  • Latin
  • Asia
  • Afrika


  • Baroque
  • Choral
  • Symphonie


  • Jazz Vocal
  • Jazz modern
  • Big Band
  • Jazz Sampler

You can also think off a second (or third) step like:


  • Genre11
    • Genre111

when the system is set in your mind, tag the Music with your genre.

Import into roon
Go to Genre and the select the genre you wont to edit.
Select (number 3 in my screen shoot) and choose the “top genre”.
For example: genre1, if you are editing the value for genre11 – (or genre11, if you are editing fgenre111)

You only had to do this once, all other music with this genre will sort in the way you want.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, works perfectly.

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