Genre I don't have

Does Roon not show a sub genre if you don’t have any music for it? I was on another site and “Stoner Rodk” was being discussed. I’d not heard of that term/genre so went to roon and searched. Nothing came up. Seems pretty well established to those who like it.

That got me to wondering…does roon only show Genres and sub-genres for music that you have in your own system?

Anyone? Anyone? Hard to believe nobody knows the answer to this.

If you have any of these bands in your collection can you tell me if Roon says Stoner Rock for one of the genres? Thanks

Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Sleep, High on Fire and Nebula, Queens of the Stone Age, the Melvins and Earth

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Excellent, thanks!

Stoner Metal and Stoner Rock. I did not have that as a genre to search. I guess that makes sense that Roon does not include them if you don’t have any that they believe fits that category.

Lots of online references to Black Sabbath as being the genesis of that genre. I have plenty of Sabbath, but not any Stoner Rock as far as Roon is concerned.

Thanks again as I can now claim to have “won” that argument on another music site.


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You should be able to browse the entire hierarchy, not just the genres in your library.

We have a genre “Stoner Metal” (under Pop/Rock > Heavy Metal) but I don’t believe we have “Stoner Rock”. My guess would be that the genre in @John_Spink’s screenshot comes from local file tags – I don’t see it here for that group.

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I stand corrected!

However, perhaps the Help page on Genres needs to be updated? It seems to strongly imply that browsing of Genres is confined to the content of your Roon Library - and not that you can browse the entire Genre universe…

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I see that now, as I go deeper and deeper the tiles for lack of a better term are enabled for ones I have and disabled for ones I don’t have. Guess I never navigated that way before. Cool, thanks Roon!

I’ve always gone to the search and started typing in what I knew and let roon complete it for me. Or something through focus that I can’t recall now.

So searching for Stoner Rock gave me nothing and thus my confusion at what seemed a pretty well defined genre…at least on the other site.

Thanks @mike for jumping in.

@mike Yes, you are correct, I have it as a local file, tagged as Stoner Rock.

I think Stoner Rock is a label but not a genre. It would span decades and quite a few different genres. Stoner Metal is a genre and identifiable strain of musical style.

I have found it is better to go in looking at artists and then find the similar artists, versus using Genres per se.