Genre importing

Hi there, I’m a new user, coming from JRiver Media Center. Roon is looking really good so far,

I’ve imported all my music but one thing seems weird - I’m pretty sure that it’s taking the genre of the 1st track of every album and applying it to all the other tracks in the album, rather than looking at each track individually.

Is that right? Is there any way to make it look at them individually?

Thank you!

Unfortunately Roon doesn’t have per track genres, only per album. Mostly this isn’t an issue, but it can cause the wrong things to be played when shuffling tracks from a particular genre.
What seems to happen is that if I add an album with a variety of genres, Roon applies all the genres on the album to every track. I first noticed it with the compilation ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, when shuffling reggae, and Roon played Curtis Mayfield!
I don’t find it to be a huge issue persinally, though, as in my collection pretty much all the compilations are of one type of music.


OK, thanks for that - good to know i understood correctly. It is an issue for me because i love to shuffle music based on Genre and i’ve spent a lot of time tagging my music to reflect that.

Is there a place to make feature requests?


There is a feature request section in the ‘Roon Software’ category, although I think this has been requested in the past several times.


Thanks for your help Michael - much appreciated

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