Genre In Composition and Filtering out Tidal or Using Bookmarks

My issues span a couple of topics - I think the answer to all of my questions is no with the current release, if so, please consider these feature requests.

  1. When I select the Compositions ‘view’, I can not find a way to filter out Tidal items. Is there a way to do this?

  2. When in the Composition ‘view’, I can not use bookmarks to filter out items and focus only on certain directories on the internal Nucleus + disk. When I have bookmarks in place and click on compositions, the bookmarks are removed.

  3. The hardcoded list in the rightmost pulldown does not include Genre. I would like to be able to filter on this (I did see a similar previous request for this).

  4. I would like to select fields of albums that appear on a selected composition list after filtering.

  5. The “periods” in the focus dialog are incomplete. I have pointed to a reference for this in the past. For example, there is early romantic, late romantic, etc. I want to filter on this. Here is the pointer to 'early romantic’ in Wikipedia Also if this focus allowed selection of file location as it does in the album view, that would solve some of my problems.