Genre into playlists

Wanting to create a playlist of Christmas music. I have “Christmas” as a genre in the Roon database. How do I place all Christmas songs in a playlist? I want to do this, rather than label, because I want to be able to delete some songs from the playlist (not take all of them) so when I play it only does the songs I want.


Hi George,

In Album View, click Focus and then Genre. Click on Holiday and then Christmas. This will display all albums with Christmas genre.

Right click or long press one album, the select all at the top left of the screen. Then click the 3 dots icon at the top of the screen and select Add to a Playlist.

Now select a playlist to add to or create a new playlist.

This will add all tracks from all the selected albums to a playlist.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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It worked! Thanks, G


Hi, Greg, This actually doesn’t answer OPs question.
What you are suggesting is how to add specific albums to a playlist, but the question was how to add a GENRE. That would mean any new album belonging to that genre would be dynamically added to the playlist.
Is there a way to do that?