Genre of compilations


I have lots of compilation albums with different genres on the same album.
When i search for a specific genre, the compilation albums appear with all the songs include the other genres but i want only that specific genre, not the others.
How can i do that?

Many thanks

As far as I know, you cannot. :frowning:

The lack of track level genre playback is my main complaint with Roon. It has been requested multiple times before to no avail.

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How is this possible in the “most advanced” music player?
I do the request also…


Check out post# 19 in this thread.

I’ve given up hope it will ever happen.

Btw, someone did show me a workaround to accomplish track based genre playback (it involves altering each track’s composer tag then creating bookmarks). I can look it up and share it if you like.

Yes, i also just find that post but i’m not going to change 100000 files. Roon needs to fix this.

I share your frustration with this.

I bit the bullet and put in the work to implement the workaround, but I don’t have as many files as you (I have 769 albums, 7423 tracks).

The ROONTRACKTAG may give you what you need.

Interesting. It looks like that would work, but it would require adding the tag to every track, much like I did with the workaround I’m using. I’m not sure I want to go through that again.

any chance you could do bulk additions with a tagger you know? I’m pretty sure Yate can do several hundred tracks at a time.

I believe I can do that in Mp3tag. After that’s done I would need to redo my bookmarks in Roon. Right now I’m not motivated to do that since it doesn’t change the functionality I have now.

Perhaps if I get really bored one day…:wink:

I figured I would check out the option to use ROONTRACKTAG. It took me awhile to figure out how to add this field in mp3Tag. After finally figuring that out (most instructions left out key steps, assuming one already knew this stuff…ugh!), I did a test on a couple albums.

I found a glitch/limitation in Roon that may make this impractical for me. One of my track genres is “Pop/Rock”. When using this in the ROONTRACKTAG field, Roon will not display it in the Tag browser, even though when you pull up the album you can see each track is tagged Pop/Rock. If I remove the slash (ie Pop Rock), then Roon does display it in the Tag browser.

I have ALOT of tracks with the genre tag Pop/Rock, so it would be quite a task renaming the genre to Pop Rock since I don’t know how to do this en masse in mp3Tag. If I could somehow edit all the Pop/Rock tracks en masse to Pop Rock, then it would be relatively simple to have mp3Tag copy the genre field to the ROONTRACKTAG field en masse.

Any suggestions?

You an add more than 1 album into mp3tag. You could for examp,e drag and drop folders into it. Not sure the track limit. I have dropped a whole artist at a time to correct some meta data

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I did find I could add multiple albums into mp3Tag at once. The issue was how to isolate the tracks with the Pop/Rock genre tag to make it easier to edit them all at once. I did a little poking around and found if I clicked on the Genre column, mp3Tag grouped the selected tracks by genre (alphabetical order). From there it was easy to select all the tracks with the Pop/Rock genre tag and copy those track tags to the ROONTRACKTAG column, then edit the ROONTRACK tags to remove the slash so they display properly in Roon.

It appears to have worked, so going forward it will be easy to add the appropriate ROONTRACKTAG each time I rip a CD or download music.

I still wish Roon would add playback by track level genre without having to go through these gymnastics. At least the new ROONTRACKTAG is a step in the right direction.

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@Saturn94, it has been a while since I used mp3tag. I’m a YATE (Mac) man. There, I would sort my tracks by Genre, select all Pop/Rock tracks (may have to do this in batches), then enter Pop Rock in the Genre field, and save.

That’s pretty much what I did in mp3tag. It just took me awhile, and a bunch of Google searches, to figure out the details on how to do it. Computer stuff is not my forte. :blush:

Thank you for bringing the new Roon tags to my attention.

You sound a lot like me: not a real power user here. It’s amazing (and frustrating) how little stuff will stymie me, particularly in areas new to me.

Hang in there, and good luck with your project. Le tme know if I can help.

I just discovered that for some reason one of the tags I created, Classical, using ROONTRACKTAG is not showing under my Tags

In the album view of a classical album each track is showing the assigned ROONTRACKTAG (Classical) under each track, but when I go to the menu and click Tags, Classical is missing. I’ll double check, but it appears Classical is the only one missing. Strange…

Under the dropdown that says “My Tags” make sure the Shared switch is on. RoonTrackTag (and album tags) are added as a Shared Tag

Yep, I confirmed shared tags is selected. All my other tags using ROONTRACKTAG are showing properly under my tags.

Support was flagged in my other thread, so hopefully they can help figure out what’s going on.

I feel like I’m in tag hell ever since starting on this journey to add ROONTRACKTAG and my issues figuring out where Performed By comes from in another thread of mine.