Genre questions


I have a couple of questions about the use of genres in Roon. I am using my own genres rather than Roon’s genres, though map my top level genres to Roon’s top level genres where the same name/term is used in Roon.

For some international music I’d like to create a hierarchy based on continent/country/genre, so Fela Kuti’s albums would be:

Africa -> Nigeria -> Afrobeat.

My questions are:

  1. From initial testing it seems like child genres don’t inherit parent genres automatically - i.e. if I add the genre ‘Afrobeat’ to an album it won’t have ‘Africa’ and ‘Nigeria’ added automatically. Is this the expected behaviour?

  2. Similarly, it seems that if I apply genres to an artist it doesn’t automatically add these genres to albums by the artist. Again, is this the expected behaviour?

  3. Given that there may be ‘Afrobeat’ albums released by artists from different countries it actually makes sense that parent genres wouldn’t be inherited, but in this case I am wondering if it is possible to have the same genre show up in different places under the hierarchy, e.g.:

Africa -> Nigeria -> Highlife.
Africa -> Ghana -> Highlife.
Africa -> Highlife

If not, where I have albums of the same genres from different countries, I suppose I will have to set it up as a two tier hierarchy:

Africa -> Nigeria
Africa -> Ghana
Africa -> Highlife

Which is a pity, as I’d like to have a view which includes all the sub-subgenres from a given country.

Thanks for any info,