"Genres", "Album" and "Artist" page editing - Images, Bio and Notes

  1. How to change or add image to “Genres” I have a few that has no image and would love to make it look nicer.

  2. How can we add bio and webpage link in “Artist” page

  3. How can I add description text (usually under the rating stars) in “Album” page

Thank you all for the great work !! Loving my music more because of Roon


I don’t think you can do any of those things currently. Perhaps in the future. You might ask a mod @andybob to move this to the Feature Request section.

Done, thanks for the tag.

+1 would love to have those features soon

+1 “feature request” to add “Genre” image when missing or to change existing one when inappropriate.


+1 for all 3 features :slight_smile:

+1 for adding link to webpage