Genres overridden when using Qobuz version

I have added a bunch of custom genres to my files using an automated process. When I use a higher res Qobuz version my genres are gone. I could add things as tags, but that would be a manual process. Is there any way to use the higher res version but maintain the custom genres I’ve added?

Can you explain a bit more?

Do you mean that only the local version is tagged? And not the Qobuz hires version, correct?

Roon will identify that two versions of a given album are duplicates and group them together for you, but they’re still considered distinct albums, so metadata isn’t going to be shared between them.

Point being, the genres in your file tags aren’t going to translate to their Qobuz equivalent, unfortunately.


Yes, that’s right.

Disappointing, but I understand why. Thanks for answering.