Genres / Styles - not showing

Hi all,

Could not find any topic around this issue so was wondering if someone could help me.

Not ALL “Styles” or “Genres” are appearing in the GENRES section in the menubar in Roon.

For instance, “Brit Pop” is showing but when I change this to “Britpop” in the file tag it disappears altogether (Brit Pop disappears too).

Thanks all.

Hi @Henkemannen,

If you change sorting to By name rather than By number of albums do you see the genre you’re looking for?

Hi Jamie, many thanks for your message.

No, still nothing. If I go in to Genre mapping I see this - not sure if that helps.

Hi @Henkemannen,

The left column of your screenshot shows the genres in your file tags, the right column shows what those are mapped to. If you want your Brit pop files to map to the official Roon Genre heading Britpop use the edit icon (pencil - far right) and change the associated genre to Britpop with the Roon logo. That should get you sorted! Thanks.

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