Gents, need a hint

Roon lost the connection to Qobuz last night. Roon tells me there´s a network error. I have tested the network, both wifi and cable. Cable runs app 900 mbs. I´ve had the subscription for two years + simultanesously with Tidal. I´ve tested password, app and Qobuz on my laptop - everything works. Any suggestions?

If you haven’t already done so, reboot your Roon Core. Others with similar problems reported success by doing so. Good luck!


Please reboot Roon Core machine and ensue you are using your email address to log in and not your username.

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I would love to understand why there is such a big surge in qobuz connection issues. Having to reboot the core could point to an actual issue. Rebooting is unlikely to be the solution to the underlying problem.


I agree there seems to be a bigger issue. I had numerous skips with streaming playlists from Daily Mixes and Playlists by Roon for several days until the day the Qobuz login failed. Power cycled NUC, Modem and Router but that didn’t work for me. After clearing cache the login finally worked again. Not had that happen before.

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I had a Qobuz connection issue a couple weeks ago. It really surprised me since I’ve never had this happen before. A reboot “fixed” it and it’s been fine since.

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Hey chaps, we agree that the uptick seems strange and we’re monitoring it closely. We don’t see signs of an underlying issue yet but we’re on the case.


Gentlemen, thank you all for Your time. I run my core on Innoous Zen Mk3. After having testes connections, emptied cache, email adresses and password i disconnected the core from Innous and connected again. That helped solving the problem. In fairness I must say that I have had extremely few challenges with my entire Roon set-up. Many thanks for your help.

For your interest my system configuration:
Ethernet connection to Innous Zen Mk3 streamer, server, ripper configured as Roon Core: And via Innous ethernet and USB to Hegel H390. That enables both 16/44 airplay and 24/xxx USB. Speakers B&W 803D3. Tidal, Qobuz and Innous server provide signal to Roon Core. Via Roon I can furtermore use both SONOS gen 1 and 3 speakers via partly SONOS and partly airplay.

All the best Christian

Also had this issue. A reboot has worked for now. Always have had email address as my log in.