George Winston / Forest / Tamarack Pines - incorrect song title spelling

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed that the first song on the “George Winston” album “Forest” is entitled “Tramarack Pines” in Roon. It should be “Tamarack Pines”.

A quick Google shows that this is a relatively common misspelling - repeated on sites such as Other sites, such as, have the correct spelling.

Most importantly, George Winston’s website itself lists the spelling as “Tamarack Pines” (

It would be great if this can be updated.



Thanks for the report @Cameron_Fletcher – we can look into reporting this back to our providers.

I should mention that there are some errors that can’t easily be resolved in app with editing, like equivalence issues, or times when a credit references the wrong person, for example. In those cases, we generally take the time to make sure we get the errors fixed at the source so they can populate into everyone’s collections.

We are in the early stages of architecting a new metadata system that will allow us to easily make changes like this on the fly and that will likely include a mechanism for submitting corrections as well. We do sometimes report simpler errors like this back to our providers, but not always – its really a case-by-case kind of thing, since it tends to be a labor intensive process for our team, and it takes time away from improvements like the new metadata system I was describing.

Just want to be clear that for now the fastest way to resolve this is probably just to make the edit in Roon. Regardless, we appreciate the report!

Hi @mike,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Based on your advice, I’ve switched the Title display to the file tag within Roon and all is as it should be!

I totally understand the limited benefit vs cost of trying to correct every little error in a metadata assurance chain over which you only have partial control. I’m happy with the solution you proposed.



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