Germany: M-Net + Fritzbox - Port forwarding issue [Solved - Request Static IPv4 Address from M-Net]

Good point. Did this in the morning though…
Let’s see what M-net says. I want the confirmation that the IP4-Option is active.

That you are on M-net, have a Fritzbox too, and ARC is working at your side still leaves me optimistic :slight_smile:

from M-Net site:
“M-net verwendet hier das standardisierte und erprobte Dual-Stack Lite Verfahren, das neben IPv6 auch IPv4-Konnektivität für das interne Netz des Kunden gewährleistet. Damit können Kunden die in ihrem Heimnetzwerk vorhandenen Geräte und Anwendungen, die das IPv6 Protokoll noch nicht unterstützen, weiter verwenden. Dies gilt ausschließlich für das interne Netzwerk und nicht für den Zugriff von außen auf die internen Resourcen.”

i am no network pro, but it looks like your connection is over IPv6 with a IPv4 Tunnel for IPv4.
M-Net will know better :wink:

good luck Philipp :slight_smile:

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Just for the record, here are my contract details:

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Fritzbox screenshots sent by PM.

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I also have a Fritzbox and I am based in Germany. Initially the automated setup didnt work until I enabled “Selbstständige Portfreigaben für dieses Gerät erlauben”. Since then it is working :star_struck:
Good look with your setup


All solved. The IP4-Option of my ISP (M-net) was finally activated today - and voila - it works.
Thanks all for the support here! Great to be part of this community.
Looking very much forward to use and test ARC! Let the games begin :slight_smile:


nice to hear that, have fun trying it out :slight_smile:

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