Gestures like swiping instead of buttons


I was also wondering why the iPhone app doesn’t allow me to swipe back. Is there an obvious reason?

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Of course every true Roonman like I read somewhere in this forum should use iPad to benefit from a better navigational experience in Roon
However sitting in a couch and listening to music is sometimes more convenient with a simple space-economical iPhone / smartphone
While navigational gestures are de facto enabled in some Samsung smartphones (ability to navigate back by swiping from left to right), this should be definitely implemented in iPhones/iOS

This is very important to improve roon experience

Swipe left to right for going back
Swipe right to left for going forward
Swipe up to down to hide playing now view

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Also swipe right / left but not from edge in order to navigate through playing now, queue, Roon radio etc …

Because phones are now longer and it is quite annoying to go on top of the screen to tap the buttons …

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YES! Please give us swipe right to go back instead of the little arrow I can never reach. And sometimes can’t see if the background is white.

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Gotta plus one on this! I can’t really understand how most of not all music player apps on iOS fail to grasp the basics of modern UX. Tidal gets it right though.

Roon does nothing on a swipe, which is somewhat better than BluOS’s insistence on showing the hamburger menu - most of the times users want to go back, not open that menu.

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Yes another vote for swiping, but this time for the macbook, windows, Imac trackpads. It took me quite some time to get used to the fact that Roon doesn’t swipe back.

Everyone that comes to visit at my place ang give the Ipad to whenever they want to hear something is automatically trying to swipe back, even 3 year old kids and 70 year old grannies. I think for an intuitive interface anno 2021 you can’t leave this out, it has become second nature for most people.

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Yah, I’ll +1 this as a feature request. Find myself trying to do it last night. Didn’t even notice it was frustrating.

Cross platform development makes it somewhat more complex to capture some of these native features, but I’d sure like them.

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Almost all platform Roon works on has the ability of swiping. Everyone accepts that they might not have it on on an average desktop computer but even then you can always add a trackpad. That counts for all other software as well so I don’t understand why they fear it wouldn’t be consistent.

Since it looks like that they are primarely interested in designing a tablet/phone interface it is even harder to understand.

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Works for me on my Pixel I can swipe backwards to go back in Roon, what am I missing here?

It works with Android but not with iOS
Android is perhaps less restrictive than iOS when it comes to use its full features

Wow, amazed this request is so old. Do we know why we can’t have gesture navigation on macOS app?