Get paid to write for Roon!

Today we are announcing the Roon Writing Program! Over time, our community has grown into a dense collection of content-rich submissions, and we wanted to find a way to highlight some of the outstanding contributions we’ve seen so far.

We want you to help us write comprehensive tutorials about Roon and its associated components, configurations, tips, and tricks. Submissions to our writing program will be:

  • Featured on
  • Shared on our Facebook page
  • Rewarded with a credit for Roon gifts or a Paypal transfer. The amounts credited/paid are outlined below

What Are We Looking For?

We’re not looking for “Roon Basics” content – that’s what our Knowledgebase and user guide are for, which get updated on a regular basis by the team.

We’re looking for comprehensive, DIY tutorials that not only help current Roon members, but connect with a wider audience. Adding images to your tutorial, including screenshots, is always a plus! To give you an idea of what your tutorial topic might look like, here are a few examples:

  • How to do room correction with REW
  • Setting up a low cost endpoint with the RPi (Roon Ready HATS, USB, DietPi + Roon Bridge, etc.)
  • Best practices for organizing and navigating a classical music library

How Do I Submit My Tutorial?

There are three types of submissions that we will accept:

  1. An existing Community post that you’ve written (Have you made a lengthy post that you think could be cleaned up and posted on our blog? Submit it.)
  2. Short-form, original content (800+ words)
  3. Long-form, original content (2000+ words)

To make a submission, please fill out the form at the link below. We don’t want to waste your time, so the form simply asks you for your Roon account email address, and a little more information about the tutorial you’d like to write:


After we receive your submission, we will review the ideas you’ve submitted, and @Kevin will follow up with you in a private message if we’re interested in having you write for us. You don’t need to be a professional writer, but you should be an expert on your chosen topic.

Successful articles require a lot of communication with us! I will be your point person along the way, and coordinate with the team to get your article across the finish line. Shoot me a PM or flag me @Kevin if you have questions or concerns.

Get Paid via PayPal, or Roon Gift Credit

Payment will be issued via PayPal, or a Roon gift credit (your choice!). If you do not have PayPal, we cannot pay you and will issue a gift credit instead.

Word counts are calculated after the team has edited your post. Your final article may be half the length of what you submitted, or three times as long depending on what happens during the editing process.

We do reserve the right to reject articles – don’t take it personally! There will be times when we can’t accept an article even if the topic has been approved.

Payment Tiers

Your existing Community post: $40

Short-form, original content (800+ words): $90

Long-form, original content (2000+ words): $250

To get started, fill out this form:

@rbm Hope you submit this Renee. Spotify Connect on your RoonBridged Pi - the quick ‘n easy way

I can see a problem here in that Librespot is not officially allowed by Spotify. In fact, the GitHub page states:

Using this code to connect to Spotify’s API is probably forbidden by them. Use at your own risk.

Anyway, I’ll rewrite the Roon Bridge / Raspberry Pi guide first – it’s way overdue. :slight_smile: