Getting a new core, windows 11 or 10?

Hi all, I’m about to buy a new intel PC to replace my 2012 macmini roon core which is low on storage and sluggish with current libary (~80000 tracks). Not going to run ROCK as a key feature of my config is that I use Dropbox as way to backup and add music to library, the core runs headless.

My question is do i get windows 11 or 10 preinstalled. I would prefer 11 which would match my other machines but am slightly unnerved by the mixture of reports about roon core compatability although most of these problem posts seem to be from a while ago.

What is the current official Roon line on windows 11?

What would you all do?

Thanks and Best Wishes

I don’t have any issue with Win11 and never have had any.

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I did wait a couple months for the dust to settle around WIN 11/Roon, and then updated my core server without a glitch whatsoever.

Additionally, I never had any Windows 10/11 or Roon settings change on updates so far…

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Like others have reported, i have neither had any issues whatsoever running Roon Server on my headless Win 11. I think the issues may have been related to the GUI part of the full install, but that is speculation.

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No problems with that either, since I’m flawlessly running the server install in parallel to the full install, to also control things from the same machine.


Why is that? The full install includes the Server and a “double whammy” may confuse in regards to folder structure etc.?
Do you have the need to use the GUI occasionally? Not running headless?

Roon has confirmed, and experience does show, that there’s no problem running both in parallel.


Usually used to run headless in the past, but also control often nowadays, especially since I have the screen on during replay with my customized web display layout…


Thankfully have never experienced any problems running Roon under Windows 11

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Thanks to all, will go for Windows 11.

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