Getting blinking a light on the NUC

When you say you doubled your RAM with a new order, I hope you meant that you ordered another 4GB module. Your 8GB of RAM should be in two banks.

You don’t need a 256GB M.2. That’s overkill, but SSDs are cheap, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Happy Winter Solstice.

@John_Petrakis please confirm that the SSD is an M3 variant. If so, a larger drive is unnecessary.

Likewise, 4 GB memory for the NUC11i3 is sufficient although 8 GB does no harm.

If you ordered kit as described in the Roon help centre, you good to go, and only need assistance installing the components and installing ROCK.

Please let us know what you want to do next.

I didn’t say anything about ethernet, NIC LEDs are green/amber.

Well, instead of ordering the 4GB RAM again, I ordered an 8GB RAM, is that a mistake? No, don’t have a big library, which I will put on a portable HD

Yeah, me duh!

I wouldn’t call it a mistake, but you didn’t need to do it. Assuming that the RAM you have now is not bad, then 4GB was enough. If you were to want 8GB, it would have been better to have 2x4GB RAM. Doesn’t matter; not the end of the world.

If you are referring to the 256GB M.2 drive that you just ordered, that would be to hold ROCK, no? You didn’t need it, but it doesn’t matter.

Still, it’s the holiday. If you just ordered from Amazon, you can probably cancel the order.

No big deal, either way.

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John, you’re all good. Let us know when you receive your new parts and ready to proceed. Merry Christmas.

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St. “Amanita” Trying to keep up with the order of replies. 8GB was 2 bucks more or so. I did order the Samsung, kinda pricey, but what the hey. Thank god I got the “Tomb of the Unknown Sotm” !!! for holiday tunes after 7 years

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We’re all cool! Merry Christmas!


New memory cards from reputable manufacturers are pre-tested and very rare to be DOA. However, counterfeits of questionable quality are sold on Amazon. The first thing to try is reseat the 4GB RAM card (also try the other slot if it still doesn’t work). If it works, then return the 8GB card.

It’s an outstanding question whether only one RAM module can be used in either slot on a NUC.

You’ve tried this and so know from experience?

This… means what? The lights blink when the NUC is powered off but connected to the network?

If so, let’s stop discussing the diagnostic lights and memory, and start with the basics.

I think he solved it and is good to go.

Reply to all new RAM is ordered

This would appear to be the obvious solution. I can speak from experience, I was naively under the impression that my NUC had memory pre loaded. When powered on I was getting the 3 blinks that
@John_Petrakis is experiencing, I did a bit detective work and found the memory wasn’t pre loaded lol. Could be wrong but don’t think John has checked if memory correctly seated, apologies if he has.

The fundamental principle is, “If something isn’t working, try the available options:slightly_smiling_face:. But seriously, it doesn’t matter. The board will configure itself to use single or dual channel according to which slots the RAM are installed, and with a single RAM card it will run single channel on any slot.

What if You Only Have a Single RAM Stick?
If you only have a single RAM stick, you can essentially use any slot you want and it wouldn’t matter much because in the end, no matter which slot you plug the RAM stick in, it will conform to single channel only.


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Well, you’ve heard me before on this one, and running out of options and brain power at 76. Way too much going on. Etched Roon bios (or do I actually need Intel?) tried it twice and erased thumb drive and started over, nada. If I can’t get past this, I’ll get no farther and I’m totally worn out. This has consumed weeks of my time, 54 years doing audio and only stream and all that keeps me sane, rid of all physical media. Wife mainlines TV. HELP I WILL PAY FOR LOCAL HELP IN ST. LOUIS!!! (maybe fone video??)(I’m not sure if I’m allowed to solicit for help here, but all out of any options)

@John_Petrakis - I’ve moved your post back to your original thread (which I’ve also reopened) to keep everything together.

Don’t panic, I’m sure the community will be able to help you over the final hurdles.