Getting blinking a light on the NUC

Not too computer savvy at 76. Have had Roon running on an ancient SoTM/Roon that was set-up by a friend since '15, and it has no flexibility. Agonized over $$ forever and looked at the ROON Rock set-up and have used Raspberry end pointbought per online instructions. Seems fairly straight forward Have all the necessary equip for set-up and using Darko for tutorial and have been at it for hours. My Intel NUC is doing the 3-second blink and I have reinstalled the hardware again. Intel NUC11TNHi3 with Crucial RAM 4GB, Silicon Power 128GB SSD, all as outlined/prescribed in official; Roon Optimized Core Kit, and light is blinking no matter what. Hardware is all Amazon and returnable. NUC is Newegg and have return window of 9 days. No way to test hardware. HELP

Are you following this guide?

Possible bad hardware?

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@John_Petrakis, welcome to the Roon community.

As @Doug_Hannah suggests, the blinking light means there is a hardware issue. There’s a good chance that the memory is seated incorrectly, so try removing and reinstall just one to start with. When installing, make sure it is seated correctly (usually you’ll hear a small click.)

Good luck getting it going but please be aware that ROCK is designed to be an appliance and is quite the opposite of ‘flexible’. Depends what you require in terms of flexibility over your current setup I suppose.

Since you only have 4GB of RAM, it probably is only in one RAM slot. I am wondering, in that case, if it matters which slot it is installed in? Dunno.

On another note, if anything is defective it’s more likely to be the RAM rather than the NUC, IMO.

Good point, @xxx. Usually, there is an order, starting 0 through to 3. In the case of the NUC, it’s laptop memory, so the first slot is closest to the main board.

Don’t understand, as I mentioned not too savvy w/computers, and that’s of course what the NUC is. What do you mean by order, blinking lite? and it sounds like you’re talking about (I guess??) my laptop MacAir? So, is this a slot inside of the NUC, my RAM as you said memory. (not SSD) The NUC blinks regardless of being hooked up to anything the AC/power supply

This is what we mean by the blinking light. It means there is an issue with the hardware. We are talking about the NUC.

It’s possible you haven’t installed the 4 GB memory module or M3 SSD correctly.


…this means you are referring to the network interface. This is fine, and the network activity lights will do this.

So, what happens when you power on the NUC? Is it connected to a monitor or TV screen? Have you installed the memory and SSD? Do you have a USB thumb drive ready with the ROCK image?

Please let us know where you are with the setup, and we will try to assist. But first it would be helpful to understand how far you have progressed, and what isn’t working for you.

If I remember correctly, the instructions don’t tell you when you need to connect the ethernet cable. That was a little confusing to me. First install all the hardware, then install the ROCK software from the thumb drive. You’ll need an attached keyboard and monitor or TV. After that is when you’ll need to attach an ethernet cable to your network and reboot.

His problem is hardware before the install stage.

post a photo of the RAM module and the NUC with the blinking light.

Yes, but he might resolve that by reseating his M.2 and/or memory.

The blue blink does point at a memory issue rather than storage.

Whether it’s the type of RAM or faulty needs to be determined.

Ah see why you said M.2 now the rock page links to the SP M.2 for US and SSD for UK.

I’ve been replying just thru my yahoo email and not sure if you’ve been getting them. I don’t use forums and it keeps coming up with “substationmaildeliveryfailure” ???

We’re reading you loud and clear here on the forum.

The OP has stated that the lights blink when the NUC is powered off; therefore, he sees Ethernet status lights.

To avoid confusing @John_Petrakis, can we please wait for his reply to my post above. Thanks.


Thanks you guys! At this point since I have ordered all new hardware doubling my RAM from 4GB to a new order from Amazon for 8GB’s and also doubling SSD to 256GB my ancient butt (and somewhat atrophied brain) is gonna wait until the hardware arrives. Merry Xmas All!