Getting Dropouts with Vivaldi

I am getting pretty regular dropouts with the current set-up so something I am doing is wrong. This occurs even when I am not changing resolutions. Just plain old 16/44.1

My Upsampler Control Board Version 2.02
Front Panel Version 2.01
Interface Board Version 2.06

The app says DAC Board Version Not Know
DAC Front Panel Version 0.00
Appversion 1.4.9

Upsampling to DXD.

The version info you’re getting indicates that your DAC and Upsampler aren’t connected using the serial cable (or the wrong end of the cable is connected to the DAC). The upsampler end has two cables coming out of it. The end marked DAC should be connected to the DAC.

Also, make sure that the clock sync is set correctly on both. Go into the menu on both the DAC and Upsampler and under SETTINGS make sure that SYNC MODE is set to ‘W’ on both devices (not W1, W2, M, or A)

You are correct no serial cable is connected.

I set both DAC and Upsampler to W. After the menu clears both then jump to W2. Is that normal?

Did you not receive the cable with your Upsampler? If not then please get with your dealer and find out why not. It’s going to be important with the MQA update.

That’s the correct behavior. ‘W’ sets the auto-wordclock mode which causes the device to choose the correct clock input based on the sample rate being seen on the input. In this case both devices are using WClock IN 2 (W2) and I’m betting that’s 48K if everything is configured correctly. Try playing a track at base 44.1K rate and both should switch to W1.

Are you still getting dropouts?

You guys at dCS are on top of everything. I received a call from my dealer saying they heard I was having an issue. We walked thru the set-up and came to the conclusion it was probably an error on my part and I had mixed a clock cable between group 1 or 2.

I just pulled all the clock cables and reinserted them to make sure that nothing was swapped between between groups one and two. Now playing again and so far no dropouts.

They will make sure I have the serial cable.

Thanks. Sorry about the operator error.