Getting HQP to convert PCM tracks to DSD

I am trying to get HQPlayer to handle ALL file conversions to DSD and also do the upsampling to DSD512.

I can get HQPlayer to do this with my DSD tracks.

However, when I play a PCM track, it looks to me that Roon is doing the conversion and the upsampling to DSD512. I have to enable Roon DSP engine for that. The audio flow is shown below

If I disable Roon’s DSP engine, the file plays as a PCM file via HQPlayer. It is not converted to DSD.

Is there a way for HQPlayer to convert PCM to DSD and then upsample to DSD512?

Hi Nicoff,

Here it looks like Roon’s is converting everything to DSD512 before outputting to HQP.

If you’re wanting to use HQPlayer’s up-sampling, you do need to disable Roon’s up-sampling. You definitely don’t want both active at the same time.

Show us your HQP settings to double check.

Does your DAC indicate incoming DSD sample rate? If so, when you disable Roon up-sampling and have HQP up-sampling to DSD512, your DAC should indicate DSD512 incoming sample rate.


Here are my HQP settings:

The HQP manual refers to a setting to select the output. Unfortunately I do not see that option anywhere. Here is what the manual says:

My DAC does show that the signal is DSD512 as long as I have Roon doing the conversion and upsampling. The moment I disable that option in Roon, my DAC will show the track as PCM or DSD.

Ah yes, it’s not on that settings screen, in your screenshot.

It’s on the window showing behind that settings screen.

You should see output mode there.

Also, change your “vol max” to -3dB - Jussi’s recommendation.

But yes, disable Roon’s up-sampling. You don’t want both active at the same time.

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I got it to work!! Thank you!!


Getting it to work is always half the fun :grin:

Bringing this thread back from the dead. I am using HQ Player embedded on an antipodes server and can’t get it to convert PCM files to DSD. I set the output setting to ‘SDM’ and it still outputs PCM.

If someone can show a screen shot of the settings for the embedded version that would be great. Its a completely different interface to the PC version so screen captures above don’t help.

Can you show your screenshots? Mainly everything on “Config” page

Also you haven’t mentioned what DAC. That it pretty critical to know

Showing my screenshots may not help at all if you have different DAC

Just reporting back that the solution to the problem was to turn on DoP in the HQP settings for the Devialet USB back end

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Would anyone know why incorporating U18 in my chain while upsampling PCM to DSD with HQP is causing Oor/Hypsos to click off and losing sound in one channel and to the point of voltage going up to 30+volts?

I have tried AES and I2S and same issue. When I take it out the chain and just go USB, no probs.

EDIT: I got the Hypsos to shut down when pausing and going to HQP settings to change a filter. Heard click and Hypsos was showing 31 v.