Getting newly ripped CD flac files to Rock?

Hi - I’m new to Rock, and I don’t know how the flac files from a CD I rip would get to the ROC NUC server? Do I rip on my PC and add the flac files to the NUC’s external disk drive? Or, is there a way to pull them from my PC (on the same network)?

Or something else? :wink:

Thank you very much.

Put them on an external hard drive and plug it into your NUC USB. Or put them on a NAS connected by ethernet to your network.

See the Knowledge Base article: ROCK: Importing Music.

You can push them from your PC to your ROCK/NUC using Windows File Explorer…

I browse to the folder on the ROCK and copy them across the network.

If you rip on your PC to a local drive, you can copy them across the network. You can map a drive from your PC like this:


Substitute the IP address of your ROCK in the above command. I use dBpoweramp to rip my CDs and have this command in the Destination setting to rip direct to ROCK.

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Thanks all!

I’m assuming the best way to get the music files moved is to copy them into my new USB 3TB drive from my Windows PC?

That’s what I would do.

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Success! Based the forums, and other sources I trust, I went to Micro Center (an awesome store), picked up a NUC, an SSD, some memory, and an external hard drive for my music.

The longest part of the “build” was copying the existing data over, but I was watching college football, so I didn’t care. Had it up and running before I went to bed.

HOLY COW - Roon was right - this Roon OS/Rock is indeed much faster. And now, I can actually turn off my PC when I’m not actually using it.


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