Getting Started - Tips from Veterans

I’m just getting the app loaded on my Core PC and iOs devices. I didn’t read beforehand and now see that Roon doesn’t read .wma files. I’ve got about 8K out of a 20K item library - any advice for bulk conversion to mp3, or another alternative I haven’t thought of yet, without having to go folder by folder, track by track?

Also, even though my settings look right, a couple folders full of m3u playlists didn’t import at all. Any way to force a particular folder to import?

Better to convert to FLAC as converting to mp3 will result in the loss of some information. A program like dbpoweramp has a batch conversion component that I have used before - I thought it was very simple to use. If you have the room on your drive you can convert to new folders and preserve the wma files in their old folders. An additional benefit of converting is that you will have the full ID3 tag system available for metadata.


I second dbpoweramp.
Your situation is exactly the same as mine, I had about 7000 wma albums that Roon would not read.
Converted all by batch conversion to FLAC, left it overnight, think it took about 16 hours total.
I then moved all the old wma files to another drive just as a backup and then let Roon read my new drive with all FLAC files.
Very easy.


Definitely FLAC , MP3 will show its quality loss as your system improves, assuming it will,

I used JRiver to convert and rip my collection but I was using that as a player too at the time.

DbPoweramp seems to get plenty of thumbs up from users here especially for ripping, I have never needed to use it

I use dbpoweramp for conversions too, but foobar2000 will also convert your WMA files to FLAC, in a batch manner, retaining tags and artwork.

Another happy batch user of dbPoweramp as well. Though I used to love foobar2000 back in the day.

Off and running with dbPowerAmp, thanks to everybody for weighing in - and quickly! If anyone’s got thoughts on the missing playlists, I’m all ears.

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My thought on the missing playlists is that if they have wma files in them they won’t be too useful anyway.

Just edit them (notepad for example) and bulk replace “.wma” with .“flac”

This may also solve the import problem, if they were created over your .wma files it’s possible that roon won’t consider them (just a guess).

You can use Rescan (settings - selected storage - force rescan) to rescan all the storage (it will skip the already scanned files/folders).