Getting the Roon Core onto a new Qnap NAS

I’m configuring a new NAS—which I only use for music—and have already copied onto it all the music files from the “master copy” on my laptop. The whole set-up process has been nightmarish, but that’s naught to do with Roon.

Unless I’m mistaken, all that’s left to do in order to play music from the new NAS is to somehow get the Roon Core onto the new NAS so I can then “decommission” the old NAS, which will be passed on to a friend.

All the other Roon software is on the laptop, which I’ll continue to use as the “control centre.”

Any tips or suggestions how to get the Roon Core onto the new NAS (QNAP TS-341XeU) would be most appreciated.

Hello @Joel_Tatelman,

Please take a look at the following instructions:


Ensure you back up your current library to an external source such as usb stick or drive or to a shared folder on the Nas. You will then need to restore this to ensure all your library is retrieved once Roon is installed on the NAS. Check the migrating kB on how do to all this.

@Joel_Tatelman - Adding some links here for easy access:

How to Migrate from one Core to another
How to transfer your library and preserve your edits


New installs can take a time to ingest a large library even if it is local. So don’t try a restore too soon, give it a while until all the spinning circles etc stop then restore the library backup.

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Gentlemen, Many thanks for the replies and the information. Much appreciated.

Alas, I have wasted your collective time!

As QNAP technical support realized and pointed out to me, after forty minutes of trying to get the new NAS configured by remote control, the QNAP NAS I purchased (TS-431XeU) cannot be used with Roon. Period. Seems that this model of NAS uses a processor that is incompatible with Roon. And just in case that didn’t make me happy, the retailer from whom I purchased the NAS does not accept returns or exchanges under any circumstances, except for manufacturer’s defects.

So. . .until I sell this brand new unit, I’ll be sticking with my old NAS. But when I do manage to upgrade, perhaps to the QNAP HS-453DX, your comments will be precious time-savers, I’m sure.

Happy New Year!

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Just curious. What Qnap are you using now with Roon?

I’m presently using the QNAP TS-253Be with 4 MB RAM. It enables me to stream 800 ripped CDs to whichever of four audio systems I happen to be demonstrating at the time. . .

My reason for switching to the TS-431XeU was mostly because of form factor: a 1 RU rackmount NAS saves enough space in my rack that I no longer have to place some of the audio components on the floor. Not the usual motivation, I realize. . .the HS-453DX is not rack mountable, but it is only 1 RU high and could easily sit on a rack mounted shelf. . .