GIFs in Art Director

Do you think small / short animated Gif (example below) or videos will be OK ? I assume it’s easy to allow.
And if no, why not ?


Why not let users and/or artists also add link to homepage / instagram / band camp/ wiki etc. I know some artists have links in Roon, so why not let this also be a matadata field we can add.

Also it seems to me one can edit picture in Genre. It that by intention ?

Can you also explain if the album editor is only local or universal ?

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The GIF idea would be a cool optional idea for what Tidal and Apple Music are doing.

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If this is enabled it absolutely has to be optional. My toggle would remain off in perpetuity.

I can’t imagine anything worse than a grid of animated avatars on the ‘My Artists’ page.


I love the idea of being winked at by a deepfake Henry Purcell.

Would love this feature but I agree it would need to be optional because some people don’t like it.

An option in settings to allow animated art would be fantastic.

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Be careful what you wish for


Yes this is indeed very creepy.

The ones on Apple Music are not, they look really cool. Album art ditto.

This was exactly what I was thinking about when I posted. These images are deep in the uncanny valley.

Reminds me of a forum I visit which had a trend for animated avatars for each poster. Easily turned off in the browser I used at the time (Firefox) which had a setting to let them run through once then stop. It is a terrible feature suggestion and must be made optional in settings if implemented.

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