Giles Martin’s re-mix of The Beatles’s Revolver -- the process here on You Tube

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Thanks. We’ve come a long way baby! [I was taught to edit audio on a reel-to-reel tape recorder using a razor blade and duct tape on an aluminum block. PS. I’m not *that* old: It was a 10.5" Ampex and I listened to the edit on a 16 track board!]

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I like the new Revolver mix. He did a great job. I guess about this time next year, the album “Rubber Soul” will have gone thru this process also. Looking forward for that.

All of the remastered versions in the past few years have been outstanding.


Fascinating stuff.

Those who stayed out of mosh pits when they were young and as adults can afford superb home and portable audio systems are about to live a Golden Age!

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We are lucky indeed.

I would really like to get the Beatles vocals out of my right ear. I now use my Meridian Prime and turn up the crossfeed to listen to them.

What is Meridian Prime?

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Ah–I’m Meridian end to end at home [818 v3 DAC] was an original with Sooloos

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