Give the option to exclude from Radio

Can you please add a way to tag recordings–whether individual songs or albums-- to be excluded from radio? Here are a couple examples of what I mean and why I think you should offer it.

Roon touts the fact that multiple users in a household can each have their own profiles that reflect their individual preferences. However, all their music goes into the same database. When radio is on, it does not take any existing tagging into consideration; it just pulls. But your partner, housemate, or kids might have completely different taste than you do. Next thing you know, your daughter’s Justin Bieber album is playing.

I brought this up once at a live event. Your team asked me why I don’t just delete the music I don’t like. It may not be my music. Or it’s something that you may only want to hear occasionally or in context (e.g., Christmas music or an artist you only want to hear once a year). You don’t want to (or don’t dare) completely delete it but you don’t want it to come up (under your own profile) unless you specifically select it.

I have tried giving these artists/albums/songs 1/2 star, giving a “don’t love” rating, and removing all the metadata. They still show up. How about a clickable box that says, “Exclude from Radio” then does it?

AFAIK already implemented:

That is what I meant by the “don’t love” rating above. I did try it and did not notice it making any difference. I will try it again more aggressively and see what happens.

I guess one of the problems here is when you allow Roon Radio to access streaming services because you can’t dislike anything that is not in your library. So Roon might pull all kind of things from streaming services - maybe even disliked content from your library. You might have to constraint Roon Radio to your library to make it work (more) reliably. See also:

If you think that Roon Radio is playing tracks it really shouldn’t because you disliked/banned it, you’re probably better off writing a support request (for the not working feature) than creating a new feature request (this one).