Glenn Gould Remastered Unidentified

The new Glenn Gould “Remastered - The complete Columbia Album Collection” bought from Qobuz is unidentified which is odd for such a “blockbuster”.
Any chance to put in into the database ?
Thanks a lot,

It looks like we’re still waiting for our metadata providers to add track listings for this album. Once that happens, it will be added to our database automatically.

Thanks for letting us know!

same problem. Classicals are the <1% of the market… Schubert complete songs 812 songs as one download. Needs some customizing.

Thanks Mike I thought so, didn’t want to sound like the guy complaining for every detail, but it is true that the closer to X-Mas we’ll get the more humongus box-sets will appear :smile:
Have a good weekend,

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