Global Explicit Toggle/Filter

I put this response in a different thread, but think it may have gotten buried.

Can the explicit filter logic that is used in Roon Radio be applied globally? For example, if the kids are around, I can toggle the global explicit filter and not have to manually go find the alternate “clean” tidal version of an album for any album in my library. I can just hit play, and if a clean and dirty version exist, and the dirty is in my library, it’ll still play the clean one. Does that make sense?

I understand it wouldn’t be perfect, and would only work on Tidal (for now) - but it’d still be a nice feature.

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I think that an option in Focus, Inspector would be sufficient since you could then filter on the Explicit tag. Alternatively, when a new profile is created, the DOB could determine if albums tagged Explicit are hidden.

Sorry, more of what I meant was to play the albums I already have, that are explicit, but find the non-explicit Tidal alternate to play instead.

By how little people replied, it seems not too many people care. Tidal has a switch to play or not explicit content, but I don’t see it in Roon. There are several places where they could add it. The metadata is there.

I would love this feature. I’ve had to restart listening to albums several times in the last couple of days and I’d much prefer to have the default to be toggle-able.