Global Roon settings for album, artist and genre artwork location


A global setting for album covers location would be really great !

For album covers, I know that Roon automatically chooses the cover with the best resolution (Roon VS user). However, I would like to ALWAYS use my own covers since I’ve put a lot of work over the years to get the best ones for each albums.

Settings for additional album artwork (liner notes, back, discs, ect.), artist image and genre image would also be great.


Hi JP,

Roon 1.1 has metadata preferences for groups of albums.
From View by Album, Ctrl-A will select all albums in the library. You can use Focus to define a smaller selection.
Edit/Metadata Preference/Artwork/Prefer File and you’re done.

I don’t think this will affect future imports, however, and a “make default” option for the metadata preferences sounds like a great idea.

You can now edit Artist image in the Artist Editor. From Artist click the pencil in the lower right. Genre Editor doesn’t have an option for editing the image, so that could be a welcome addition. Not sure how a default location would work for Artist or Genre.

Support for additional artwork, liner notes etc. and a default location for finding them would be very cool.

I concur! I have all of the liner notes scanned for many thousands of albums. I’d like to be able to easily access the scans.

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Thanks ! I wasn’t aware of that. I guess it will do the trick for now.

I guess one could specify a default folder to look for artist and genre images, i.e.:
C\documents\images\Roon\Artists, where [Artist].jpg files corresponding to [Artist] in Roon would be stored.
Same idea for genres, etc.

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