Glowing Green Star signal path

Ok, a bit silly but bear with me…

When playing back bit perfect, we get a nice ‘purple glowing star’.

When using enhanced DSP we get my new favourite, the even brighter ‘glowing blue star’

Playing internet radio, we get a flat boring orange dot. Ok, fair play. I can live with that, the source sucks, I agree. No harm rubbing it in. If I could find better quality I would, but…

When playing DSD that I’ve consciously chosen to downsample/convert to max PCM for whatever reason (compatibility say), I’m faced with a boring, flat green dot. Seems a bit harsh? Its decent quality, but not the original source I realise But it’s not ‘Airplay bad’ either and I’ve consciously chosen to do it.

So couldn’t it glow, like a faint green star… even just a little? :smile: