Go back to old Shuffle

With 1.8, shuffle now randomly selects a que of 5000 tracks rather than suffling from my entire library as it used to do.

If I want to hear random tracks from my full library over time, I have to get a new random 5000 tracks queue at regular time intervals.

I really like Roon but this is irritating.

As far as I understand, the 1.8 fix did not impose a 5k track limit to the Q.; there has always been a 5k limit to the Queue. What the 1.8 fix did was correct an error in the old shuffle selection; so that now a true random selection of 5k tracks are chosen.

Also, instead of creating a new Feature Suggestion, it might be better to add your vote to an existing one. If everyone creates a new Request each time, then the votes will be diluted.