Going back to 1.8 without success

Against my better instincts I updated my remote (iOS) to roon 2.0 this evening, only to discover that my core, an onlder macmini, does not support roon 2.0. I then installed the roon 1.8 legacy remote (build 1126) but the legacy remote now cannot connect to my core because it says they are running different versions. Core is on 1.8 (build 1105) while tablet/remote is build 1126. Frustrating, roon has been working great for me for years but with this new version I may end up looking for a different solution. Please help.

Problem solved, it appears. I found the roon 1.8 server legacy application on the help pages (1.8 <-> 2.0 migration FAQ) and installed that version of the server on my macmini. Now the 1.8 legacy remote can connect to the core again.

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