Going back to a previous build [Answered]

Is it possible to go back to a previous build for Roon Core and RoonBridge?

Why, what’s the problem?

Not in general, no. Downgrades range from possibly-unsafe to will-destroy-your-data. That’s why we don’t make them easy.

Perfectly understood @brian but what about restoring from a backup made on a different build ?

Understood @brian The reason I’m asking is the problem that has been introduced with build 73 of RoonBridge and/or build 208 of RoonCore. It looks like build 73 is not compatible with the BeagleBone Black.

I am having same issues with RoonBridge (RaaT) and Server 2016 Core. Roon see RoonBridge but not the Mutec Driver (2016 see driver and Mutec device)

I have saved previous versions of RoonBridge to try out, but like @brian stated too many DB fixes, updates, etc to save Roon or RoonServer other than not having to download again for quick install.

[quote=“volpone, post:4, topic:22186”]
… what about restoring from a backup made on a different build ?
[/quote]If that’s a complete backup that included both the Roon application and the Roon database is will run.
However, there have been some backend Roon cloud server, so it may not import metadata as intended.

If the backup is just an old version of DB, then the later version of Roon would update that restored database to current specification.

Hope that helps.

@fritzg and @dshore,

To aid support, can you create specific support request for these issues.