Good album cover sites

Hi all, just wondering if anybody knows of any sites get get good quality images of back covers of albums and if possibly the inside booklets as well as trying to upgrade the images in my collection.

I have had a look about but seems like there ain’t many sites about that do this, unless there is something out there I am missing.


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Cheers been using that but predominately have just front cover from what I seen on their site and I am after the back covers and booklets if possible from somewhere.

Will take another look though in case anything has changed on their site.

There’s a few threads on the forum about this if you search around. :slight_smile:

You should give a try. The quality varies but they do have back covers and booklets.

Will have a look through the forums as you suggested Ged, With regards to Discogs been looking at that but some of the images are so small can’t read them but do agree some of they are of good quality

I get 99% of my covers from Amazon.

Thanks for the Amazon tip, that ones not to bad I have found a couple of other sites but as not at my pc cannot remember the name of them :joy:.

Once I am back Infront of my pc I will add the sites into this post as might help a few other people out.

I haven’t done it for a while, but I found googling with the search options image, large, and square gave the best results

This :point_up_2:seems to be ok

Allcdcovers used to be great - but it’s no longer there

Yep seen that one for Cover Century am going to have a look at it tomorrow, thanks.

I have found some other ones as I mentioned in an earlier post that might be of help to people.

1 - - not a bad site at all this one has a lot of covers on all of good quality. I have only seen a few that were on the small side for me.

2 - - Again not a bad site though did stuggle to find some of the bigger artists on here as not as complete as the site listed above.

3 - - This is not bad at all has the covers in quite a good size ratio, only down side is some of the covers are not of the greatest quality, but have come across more good covers than bad ones.

Hope these help some people out.

This is a great site, front covers only I’m afraid. Good quality scans though all at 1000x1000 jpg.

Hi Barry, yep used that site for years for the front covers of albums as there are really high quality from there.

I use
Album Art Downloader searches on a customizable list of sites.