Good deal on KEF LSX (in the UK)

Peter Tyson are currently offering the KEF LSX for £799 in the UK (along with a 5 year warranty). I’ve ordered a pair for my office setup as this is the best price I’ve seen.


That’s a very good deal.

Wow good deal. Would love to get a pair for a nearfield setup if I had the space.

Yep, great for nearfield listening.


Very nice setup. I was seriously tempted for near field listening and then realised that I have 2 Sonos 3s on the rear wall and two headphone rigs on my desk right in front of me.
Not quite got enough space for them either.
They do seem perfect desk speaker’s though

Haha. Yep, adding in the KEFs might be overkill, but it would sound good. Maybe you could get a bigger desk? :wink:

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Ha ha my desk is as wide as the room allows.
Your desk wears them very well.

I have mine down the long wall of the room, so I still have room at the other end …

Plenty of room for a few headphone rigs :slight_smile:

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Going to stop talking to you :joy:

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