Goodbye Tidal & MQA

I’ve been a subscriber to both Qobuz and Tidal for a long time now as there was just enough differences in their catalog to make access to both worthwhile to ensure I had access to as many releases as I possible. I have not been a Tidal subscriber to access MQA music though as I have been a long time sceptic of it’s claimed technical merits. This very thorough video analysis and debunking of MQA’s claims along with the fact that Tidal has been steadily removing options for high res non-MQA files were the last straws for me. I’d highly recommend listing to the whole analysis as it is worthwhile education regardless of your view of MQA.

Please note I have no problem with those that like the way MQA sounds as that is subjective as so many things are in audio. But I personally want nothing more to do with it and it’s false claims and those companies that embrace it as the sole option for delivering music… Goodbye Tidal.


I sacked Tidal some time ago, even when it was covering music that Qobuz was not. Now there are still occurrences when Qobuz does not have tacks/albums etc, but I can live with it and it happens a lot less.
I just never liked Tidal for numerous reasons and I understand some do here, so I will respect their choice, personally I prefer Qobuz by a large margin.


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