Google Drive (Gsuite) as storage

Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone tried to use google drive as storage for their music? I have a lot on my drive and i am wondering if i will get API ban when scanning my library (20tb).
Im using Windows 10 and i tried to add one folder. The scanning was very slow but playing the file was pretty quick. My internet speed is 100/100.

Not one single answer…

For those who google and wondering the same as me, i can now verify that it works!
Ive been scanning my library for 2 days straight without any API ban. And the songs starts very fast.

This is a convenient way - great to see it working

Personally I would not trust anyone in bigtech with my files or data

how did you add it? I tried pasting my google drive url into the storage settings in roon but it didn’t work

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I simply download google drive, installs it and login to my account. The drive will then appear in “My Computer”
You can also add it with rclone.