Google Play Music / YouTube Music Key integration

Hi- Google Play Music / YouTube Music Key are a solid streaming platforms. They also include Music Videos.

Will you partner with Google to partner with their capabilities?




Mike- The Tidal and Roon relationship appears to me as “deep.”

I get the idea that lots of the behind the UX stuff is some hard work and good data sharing between Roon and Tidal.

That said, I don’t know if Google Play Music, Youtube Red or Alphabet would do anything to show a sign of support for Roon. :frog:

I for one would like Google Play integration. I don’t know what’s possible, but that’s a big deal for me and my wife (we like the curated radio-station-like things that they inheirited with Songza)

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Not to mention that probably Google is probably not as (intentionally) closed as Spotify.
Well, I for one did cancel my Google Play subscription until it is paired with Roon.

Google play music is my (free) cloud music backup, as for now, without Google Play Music support, Roon ain’t that attractive to me.

It would be nice to have you tube integration for music videos and concerts. That way you can use the dsp in Roon.

To add to this. Roon is awesome and YouTube Music integration would tip me over the edge of purchasing. As for now I am on the fence. The ability to apply DSP to each player device is great for my local library but missing when I use YouTube music.

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Reviving. I have a YouTube Music subscription and I would like to be able to stream in Roon.

Any news on YouTube music integration ?