Google / Predictive Search (Tidal)

It would be nice to see the search improved.

  1. Predictive search does not seem to work for Tidal artists.

  2. Google search search takes things so much further, even making spelling corrections. Trying to find an artist when your are not sure of the spelling of their name usually requires me to exit Roon and open google. Google is very good at ‘guessing’ what you are looking for.

Google search for websites is very inexpensive - don’t know if this falls under that category.


I find search very weak. For example, I just searched for ‘Steel Drivers’ but no hits were presented. I searched on Google and found out the name is The SteelDrivers. Really? Why would ‘Steel Drivers’ not be found to match and present SteelDrivers.

Search in Roon seems very basic, like '90s basic. It needs much improvement.

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Agreed. Search is weak, tidal should also be included in default results and not be silo’d.