Got kicked out of the Lounge Again

Well I am no longer a member of the Lounge section of this forum again. This has been probably about the 5th time this has happened.

Even though I browse this forum often and also make comments, likes and such, I very seldom create a new post which I think is part of the requirement.

Well since I got kicked out again I thought that I would create a post just to see if it gets me back in…:sunglasses:

Wish me luck…

Man, it’s such a happenin’ place. Hope the post works for you.

Slip the doorman a twenty next time. That works too.


From the forum vendor -

Didn’t know there was a lounge forum. Probably wouldn’t interest me if you have to start threads though, I’m more of a lurker until I have something to contribute or ask questions about. Is it just an off topic/anything goes forum?

I’d tell you…

but then I’d have to shoot you.

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Lounge forum? :open_mouth:

Yeah, it’s an Easter egg, of sorts.


Ah I’ve found it…:smile:

Lounge you say, hopefully there are leather armchairs where I can comfortably smoke my pipe and relax in that rich aromatic man smell environment, whilst listening to my favourite tunes.


how? where?

You need to gain your ‘regular’ badge before being approved for entry

Really guys don’t get excited the posting level is really low. Having said that the personal butler is a nice touch. :face_with_monocle:


He’s okay, but have you tried one of their foot massages? To die for…


It needs more smoke :shushing_face:

Many thanks Sean. So, how do I become a regular, I assume posting, liking etc, but where can I find out all that data etc?
Is it laid down somewhere?
I think I can see the badges I have in my profile, but thats it.

Read further up the thread there is a description of the software trust levels.

Well I now feel dumb.
That’s great and extreme ly useful
Many thanks

No problem.