Got My Cirrus7 Rock Server today

But i think i leave it on :+1:

That is what I do also. Intel’s Frost Canyon (10i7) NUC sips power at idle just 9.8 watts.

@Kristian_Salo Thanks for posting. Just what I was after :ok_hand: strange ordering process though. How long did it take them to contact you to pay and what was the time from ordering to delivered?


Nice item. Is this connected directly to your DAC?

This looks like a good option for me.

Can anyone advise on specs?

I have a library of about 30,000 tracks and I don’t see that growing beyond 40,000 in the next 5+ years.

I use Roon in a pretty basic way - rarely stream to more than one device at a time and don’t use any of the upsampling type features. I also recently ditched Tidal so it’s local library only, although maybe that will change.

Any reason why the Gemini edition with celeron wouldn’t do the job?

I’d probably go for a 1tb ssd.

Is 16gb ram worth it for performance/future proofing?

Thanks in advance everyone.

Thanks so much, that’s super useful.

So my actual library still has to reside on an external ssd? Or on the media edition does that mean I can add a second ssd for my library?

Thanks - much appreciated.

Always ends up being more expensive than it first appears of course!

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Is there any advantage (SQ??? due to missing fan noise???) for running fanless like the cirrus7 above, Vs. the “normal” equivalent NUC? Assuming of course that the NUC (fanless or not) will be in a different room than the listening?

If you have it in a different room, no SQ difference whatsoever. Its the same Nuc. Just in a nice housing. My Nuc is well away from my listening room hidden in a cabinet, so I cant be bothered „beautifying“ it.

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Hi All,

Thanks for this thread. I used this and many other to research the Cirrus7 and Roon Rock. I would also love to share my feedback.

I’ve been using my Cirrus7 Media Edition Rock server for a couple of months now. I really love it. I power it on using my Asus Router Wifi app, but it is connected to the router via lan cable. Really works well. I currently use an external usb 2tb drive, but will eventually replace it with a 2tb internal ssd - Cause now the PC is so quiet, I can hear the drive spinning. :slight_smile:

I ordered the 10th Gen i5 -10210u with 16gb ram and 512 ssd. I asked if they could build it into the smaller case as I preferred the slimmer look of it. They confirmed that the smaller case is supported for up to the i5, but not i7. He actually stated the hexacore of the i7 needs the bigger cooling. For those of you who don’t prefer the square look, it can be changed, depending on the spec.

My unit did come with rubber feet pre-attached, which I don’t mind. I actually prefer it. It’s stuck on, so not easily removed.

Reason why I went with higher memory and ssd was that if I ever wanted to use it as a Windows desktop, it is sufficiently spec’d.

I really love it and for the price, can honestly recommend it. With the i5, I’ve had no lag issues and I’ve listened to high quality files that normally buffered on my Intel i7-4720HQ laptop, which I used as my roon server up to now. Files include 768khz and 512 dsd files. No issues. I don’t upscale any audio. Although, I downscale those large files to play on my dac, so there are some processing involved.
I usually leave it playing for a couple of hours and it felt slight warm to the touch. SO cooling works well for the unit.

I leave the drive connected to the Cirrus7 and access the folders via my laptop using the network. You can tuck this away and still use the HDD to copy new music on. I can even still use Jriver as I just point my path to the Cirrus7. Everything works well.

Delivery was fast and shipped to the UK. Did have to pay import taxes. All round excellent service from Cirrus7.

Here are some photos:


wat is the price? i have now de nucleus, but I think this is much better and it is working good with ROON?

Absolut silent :slight_smile:

PS: Now I just need to fix the cables behind :slight_smile:


Configure here and check your price:

Note that the Nimbini Media Edition is not currently available, and that Roon has recently added official support for some NUC11 models, and NUC12 will be added soon.

Therefore, I would wait for the official supported NUC12 models and check with Cirrus7 about which configuration options you have. They are aware of Roon Rock.

I have used a Cirrus7 nimbini Media Edition for two years and it has been flawless. Configured with a 10th gen i5, with 16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD for Roon and 4 TB SSD internal for music, it cost ~1650 euros back then. Using only one Roon zone and no DSP, the speed factor in the signal path is x100, so a lot to spare. It barely gets hand warm when playing


It is available :+1:

Good :slight_smile: The website doesn’t know and it’s currently not possible to configure it online

That is right - you just need to contact them :+1: I did get it that way :+1:

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cirrus7 nimbini v3

Intel® NUC 10 Performance kit - NUC10i7FNHN

• Intel® NUC Comet Lake i7-10710U, 6x 1.10GHz - 4.70GHz - Hyperthreading - Intel UHD 620
• 16GB DDR4 SO-DIMM (2x8GB)
• Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 500GB, M.2 (MZ-V7S500BW)
• Samsung SSD 870 QVO 1TB, SATA

1.168 EURO


How did you configure the computer? No configuration available for media version - so should I try to contact by mail? :slight_smile:

@Wojtulek - Yes - just drop them an email

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